Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning to Promote Health and Beauty -

Now is the perfect time to give those elimination organs.. the liver, bowels, kidney.. a good cleaning after a year of accumulating toxins.  The great news is that the liver is the only organ that can pretty much reinvent itself with the aid of an elimination diet and cleanse.  

Who doesn't want to feel revitalized, combat depression and anxiety, sleep better, and have clear and radiant skin?  I tailor programs for my patients that include 2 weeks of an elimination diet, as well as supplementation to help in the metabolic process that changes with detoxification.

Toxins come in the form of the obvious and not so obvious.  The intake of chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors, and sugars through foods tax the elimination organs.  If these organs are not working efficiently the skin and lungs have to take over the process of elimination, resulting in asthma and skin problems.  What you may not be aware of is the impact of caffeine, alcohol, and environmental toxins, such as the heavy metals - lead and mercury.  A cleanse that begins with eliminating the basic toxins, like hard alcohol, caffeine, processed flours and sugars will enable those organs to work at optimal levels.  

Take a look at this interview that I gave to Andy Cohen for Bravo TV, and get some more information on cleansing.  I will also include menu ideas in the next posting.

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